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Sports fans differ from each other, depending on the discipline they support. This results from the characteristics of a given sport, but also from the background from which it comes. Football is considered the most universal entertainment – it is of interest to both small children and elderly people. The origins of football as we know it today can be found on English pitches. There, not only professional sport was born, but also the soccer scarf as the most important attribute of a fan. Nowadays, this accessory is what a baseball cap is to baseball fans.

Accessories for sports supporters are also valuable souvenirs that many people keep as trophies. Therefore, gadgets should be of high-quality materials and carefully made. Pro Scarves is a manufacturer of customizable scarves. The company's products are considered premium goods in their category because, unlike the ubiquitously available cheap "fakes", they are made with the utmost care. One can tell by the appearance of the manufacturer’s scarves that they are luxury products.

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