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Air conditioning installers Surrey


2 Greens Cottages, Surrey, London 2, RG-12 Bracknell

Tel: +447957587915

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Company contact detailsAir conditioning installers Surrey


A long-lasting AC unit needs to be properly installed by experienced specialists. CoolingServices24 hires the best air conditioning installers in Surrey – they also operate not only in the county itself but also in areas such as London, Hampshire and Berkshire. Over the years, the company has successfully provided dozens of clients with high-quality services. Its employees have the skills necessary to finish projects for residential, industrial and commercial needs. They use efficient equipment from brands such as:

  • Mitsubishi Electric,
  • Panasonic,
  • Daikin,
  • Fujitsu.

The company can also help its clients with the installation of ventilation systems and refrigeration units. It's very organized – it's able to send specialists within just 24 hours from the customer's enquiry. Engineers examine the case and decide which AC unit will work the best in selected surroundings. The company provides clients with maintenance services. It can quickly react in case of any critical malfunctions of installed units.

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